Belgium has a complex government. We have two federal governments, one of them for the northern, mostly Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, and another for the southern, mostly French-speaking part.
Of course there also is a national government. As the support for sportclubs or federations in Belgium is a federal matter, this complex structure is reflected in Belgian rugby.

The northern clubs are associated with the VRB (Vlaamse RugbyBond), the clubs of the southern part with the LBFR (Ligue Belge FRancophone). In the FBRB (the Belgian Rugby Board), we try to have board members that represent both federations.

Therefore the Belgian Board has three groups of members: VRB-members, LBFR-members and a "national elected group", as describes in our Bylaws. For practical reasons, the FBRB also has several Commissions, each with at least three members, as described in our Rules.

These Commissions have to report to the Board.

-President: Salvatore Zandonà presidentfbrb@rugby.be
-Vice-Presidents: Jan Coupe
Olivier Wellens
-General Secretary: Nicolas Meeus secretaryfbrb@rugby.be
-Treasurer: Salvatore Zandonà treasurerfbrb@rugby.be
-Board members: Diego Lacroix technicalfbrb@rugby.be
- Domien De Lelie
- Patrick Durez
- Joost Goubert
- Stefan Wezenbeek
- Jan Coupé
- Luc Van Wiele
Mail : disciplinaryfbrb@rugby.be
- François Eppe
- Roberto Gigante
- Wouter Eggermont
- Jean-Marc Ruchard
- Frédéric Caredda
- Erik Cloodts
Mail : appealsfbrb@rugby.be
- Diego Lacroix
- Cécile Blondiau
- Mathias Rondou
Mail : technicalfbrb@rugby.be
- Frank Michiels
- Johan Meersman
- Serge Goffinet
Mail : cab@referees.be
- Championship & Challenges : Men – Ladies – U18 – U16 - U14: Salavatore Zandona
Mail : championshipfbrb@rugby.be

- Youth U8 - U10 - U12 : Emmanuel Davin, Pascal Lawinski & Michael De Baets
Mail : youthfbrb@rugby.be

- Commissioners : Isnikemal Sulejmani, Chris Verstockt
Mail : commissionerfbrb@rugby.be

- Jan Coupé
- Dirk Van de Voorde
- Patrick Durez
- Laurent Simar
Mail : medicalfbrb@rugby.be